The GSU Innovation Space at the German Sport University Cologne bundles all offers from the areas of entrepreneurship, science and technology transfer.

The aim is to advise and train students and doctoral candidates and to support them in their various start-up and transfer projects. For this purpose, we, together with our partners, offer a wide range of measures (Offer), in order to be able to answer all individual inquiries.

In addition to imparting knowledge relevant to start-ups (Teaching), the GSU Innovation Space supports students in the implementation of concrete start-up ideas (StarS Kader). In addition, scientists are supported with complex transfer projects (Transfer Think Tank) or in questions regarding intellectual property rights(Intellectual Property Rights) and funding opportunities (Funding).

Furthermore, the GSU Innovation Space supports external partners in their search for scientific cooperation partners, promising innovations and start-ups as well as concrete technology offers based on intellectual property rights (Partners).

From competitions and information events for the generation and development of ideas, to intensive training and coaching offers, to financial support in the form of funding and capital acquisition, and the mediation of relevant networks (national/international), the GSU Innovation Space offers the right offer for each individual start-up or transfer project. Arrange an initial, non-binding consultation (Consultation) with one of our consultants today.

To promote the transfer of knowledge and technology to society, we bring together individual projects with suitable cooperation partners. For companies, this offers a wide range of cooperation opportunities in the field of sports science research (Partners).

We look forward to working together and exchanging ideas with you.

The Team of the GSU Innovation Space