About Dept. 4

The Department of Performance Physiology deals with the reactions of the human body to extraordinary stresses in research and teaching. These include in particular

  • physical activity,
  • stay in space,
  • age-related remodeling.

We explore the basic mechanisms of physiological adaptation to such stress as well as the possibilities and limits of targeted interventions (training, therapy) and convey the insights gained to our students.

In teaching, the department covers the anatomical and physiological foundations of sport in all study programs. The focus is on strength and endurance training, fine motor control, motor learning and sports therapy for different target groups. The department also covers teaching in statistics and scuba diving. We strive hard within the given organizational framework not only to provide students with factual knowledge right from the start, but also to give them practical experience and critical insights into the scientific and experimental approach.

Judged by objective criteria such as third-party funding and number of publications referenced belong to the department of the most successful institutions of the Sport University. Our high scientific reputation is reflected in the number of research projects with national and international participation as well as honorary memberships in international scientific committees.

Most of our research projects serve both to gain basic insights and to provide applicable ones knowledge for rehabilitation, space travel and / or sports practice. Several projects promote the transfer of know-how from the university to industry by involving companies in research projects.