"Game Analysis Team Cologne" starts in January

Supporting and advising the German national football team in terms of game analysis should be an absolute dream job for many students. From January 2021, 80 students will once again have the opportunity to belong to this privileged circle. They are introduced to the game vision of the German Football Federation, to modern game analysis and to professional scouting – as part of the certificate course "Game Analysis Team Cologne".

For the fourth time, the Institute for Training Science and Sports Informatics of the German Sports University Cologne and the German Football Association (DFB) are launching this successful cooperation and thus continuing their scientific-practice cooperation. The DFB not only contributes the "subject of investigation football matches", but also takes over the complete financing of the certificate course. Professor Daniel Memmert, Executive Director of the Institute for Training Science and Sports Informatics and Scientific Director of the course, emphasizes: "Such an investment in university teaching is absolutely extraordinary. In this way, the DFB provides us with the resources to supervise the course of study at our institute for its two-year duration.

The DFB officials also see the positive effects of the cooperation: "We are very happy and also proud that we cover two assignments with the support of the certificate course," says Marcus Sorg, assistant coach of the German men's national football team. On the one hand, the DFB thus supports the practical training of an essential professional field in German football. On the other hand, the association can integrate the results obtained into the work with the national teams very well. "The path to practice is very short through this course of study," says Sorg.

The task of the students is, among other things, to observe selected teams and players with a specific software and to analyze their playing style. This includes opponent analysis on the PC, the creation of single player analyses as well as live analysis of games. The students learn from the analyses to make derivations about the development of football and to answer research questions from practice. "This partnership is a prime example of how science and practice can be linked in such a way that both sides benefit from each other," says Christofer Clemens, Head of Scouting, Game Analysis and Diagnostics at the DFB. The practical training is thus intended to be an important support for the A-team at the 2021 European Football Championship and the 2022 WORLD Cup.


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