New Release in School Sports

Since June 2017 the two books on "Abenteuer Bewegung" are available.

At an early stage in life, the focus should be set on a type of ‚learning mechanism‘, prompting children to solve tasks in different, new ways. This in principle occurs according to current findings from neurosciences, which propagate ‚learning to learn‘, to gain new learning experiences via new, strenuous and successful experiences and to form new cells through training. 

The curriculum of „adventure movement“ covers exactly this subject and tries to enable a primarliy playful and generally sport-based promotion of primary school children. A basic education in many sport-relevant fields is vital for the development of elementary motoric and cognitive abilities. Children need to be brought closer to sport and movement in a versatile and individual way. The four pillars ‚coordination, balance, technique and cognition‘ form the content basics for more than 70 game and training exercises.

The curriculum exceeding many sports leads through unknown movement fields without any prior knowledge of the teachers via 32 structures classes for the 1st and 2nd class with exact ecercise descriptions, different difficulty levels (differentiation), material lists and exact structure. It was made sure that the class set-up always remained the same to avoid wasting time. Simple set-up grants more security of the teacher and leaves more time for the individual promotion of the children and students.