New Release "Revolution im Profifußball"

The new book  "Revolution im Profifußball" by Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert and Dominik Raabe is now available.

This book will help you to understand the modern game analysis of Big Data in high-class football. It builds the basis of understanding how relevant information can be taken from a current game within seconds and with the help of position data.

In a comprehensible way, the authors present the results that change football based on the game analysis 4.0. Here they learn about the development of ‚game analysis based on position data‘ from scratch.

In the center we find the findings, which are offered by contemporary game analysis:


  • It is shown how tactical aspects are modelled, specific games or complete seasons are analyzed interpreted with one mouse click. This is done with the help of numerous examples from the Football National League, other leagues of the European high-class sport and the Champions league.
  • The results will allow the interested (football) fan to have a glimpse behind the scenes of professional football and to question own views and beliefs regarding football tactics on a high-class level in sports and to promote new thoughts.

This book is entertaining and easy to read and is meant for football as well as all other team/racket sport fans that are interested in new developments and trends in the analysis of team/racket sport games.