Professional software in M.A. Match Analysis

The Institute of Training and Computer Science in Sport prolongs its cooperation with the STATS Analytics Deutschland GmbH in the context of the Master's course M.A. Match Analysis.

"We are glad that we are able to continue to provide our students with the professional software of the STATS Analytics Deutschland GmbH and to keep up the productive exchange", says the director of studies Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert. The students of the Master's M.A. Match Analysis hereby get the opportunity to work with software tools for generating and presenting data that are used by clubs and federations on the highest level in football, among others. Jens Urlbauer, CEO of STATS Analytics Deutschland GmbH, comments on the continuation of the cooperation: "We envision ourselves as developer of data and service provider in professional sport and we are dedicated to the development of young talents from the beginning. In this respect, the cooperation with the German Sport University Cologne (or the Master's course M.A. Match Analysis, respectively) is a constant component of our activities in Germany."

The STATS Analytics Deutschland GmbH proceeds its biennial engagement for the Master's degree and is thus cooperation partner from the very first minute.