ERASMUS+ PEAK - Policy, Evidence and Knowledge in Coaching

Head of the project:
Dr. Karen Petry

IESF staff entrusted with the project:
Louis Moustakas

Period of project:
January 2019 – December 2021

International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE)
International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE)
European Elite Athletes Association (EU Athletes)
Finnish Olympic Committee
Sport Coaching Ireland
Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen
Foundation of Sport Education and Information,
German Sport University Cologne

The primary objective of the PEAK project is to promote and support good governance in sport by preparing a set of coaching policy recommendations for use by national and European sport federations, coaching bodies and governments. The project is unique and unprecedented – indeed, it is the first time that leading international and national agencies for sport and sports coaching have united to address one of the most urgent concerns in sport, namely the good governance of coaching. Coaching policies often lack a guiding framework and, that despite its importance for young people and athletes across Europe, coaching is typically unregulated. The project will be an important step in strengthening the policy foundations of sports coaching in Europe and beyond.

As part of a consortium of expert organisations in the area of coaching, the German Sport University will provide research support to the project, namely by mapping out the current state of coaching governance and regulation across Europe, especially as it relates to the overall coaching systems, as well as to the topics of volunteering, women in coaching and the regulation of coaching.