Jambo Bukoba: Sports and Development in Tansania

Head of the project:
Dr. Karen Petry

IESF staff entrusted with the project:
Dipl.-Sportwiss. Katrin Bauer

Period of research:
since march 2010

Content of the project:

With the expansion of research activities in the field of ‘sport and development’ the IESF decided to take action in theoretical and practical issues of ongoing projects and their effects. Against this background the IESF also decided to scientifically support and theoretically evaluate a development project in Tanzania that was initiated by Jambo Bukoba e.V. and is accompanied by the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the Federal Foreign Office. Thanks to their funding, Dipl. Sportwiss. Sebastian Rockenfeller was able to conduct a basic study to identify the needs in the north-western region Kagera. In cooperation with local, regional and national institutions he analysed structures and resources and developed a broad concept that establishes sport as a vehicle for education on health and HIV issues, increasing chances for education in general and advancing opportunities for girls. Simultaneously, actions aim at improving the local value of physical education in schools and its structures. To enhance qualifications in the area of physical education teaching, a „Memorandum of Understanding“ between the Regional Ministry of Kagera and Jambo Bukoba e.V. has been signed and hence, facilitated the education of over 100 Tanzanian physical education teachers in 2010. To secure sustainable effects of the project, a strategy has been defined: on a regular basis the IESF contributedto the actualisation of studies about needs and demands, workedon pedagogic and didactic concepts, organisedworkshops, conductedevaluation studies and publishedtextbooks and ensuredthe regular presence of a research or internship student on-site in order to support activities and establish a basis to develop local multiplicators. The IESF developed a theoretical framework to carve out the mosteffective and suitable ways to implement the project. Regular evaluations and studies helpedto maintain this framework and wereintegrated firmly into the concept. It wasan important finding to know whether the investment broughtsustainable improvement. Therefore the current situation has been analysed before practical steps, including a workshop for physical education teachers, have been put into practice.  

Rockenfeller, Sebastian: Life Skills Through Games. A Teacher`s Guide, Köln 2012 

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Rockenfeller, Sebastian & Bauer, Katrin: Die Entwicklung und Durchführung des Projekts Jambo Bukoba in Tansania, in: Karen Petry/Michael Groll/Walter Tokarski (Hg.): Sport und internationale Entwicklungszusammenarbeit, Köln 2011, S. 147-158.