Research Project on bath tourism and the development of the "mona mare" waterpark in Monheim

Head of the project at IESF:
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mittag

IESF staff entrusted with the project:
Yannicka Kappelmann B.A.

Period of research:
since July 2013

Contents of the project:

The broader framework of this study refers to the question what changes are characteristic for the development of baths in Germany. The study focuses in particular on the question, how the mona mare waterpark has developed over the past few years and why a decrease of guest can be identified. The project is related to a master thesis that aimes at revealing the development and origin of the “bath tourism” in Germany. It focuses on the change of swimmingpools to waterparks involved with the change in society and upcoming trends. A lot of swimmingpools are modified to waterparks with slides and spa areas to keep pace with changing trends and to hold against the decreasing number of visitors. Furthermore the thesis compares different waterparks and there visitor development over the past few years. By creating various scenarios, an outlook will be given to show where this development in trends and society will lead to.
The study combines different research techniques like a survey and personal interviews. Different possible types of visitors for the waterpark in Monheim are surveyed to get an overview about the reason, why people visit this waterpark. Furthermore it will be questioned what the mona mare waterpark has to change to increase its number of visitors.