SPORTED – Sport and Politics: Organisations, Regulations and Themes in the European Dimension

Head of the project at IESF:
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mittag

IESF staff entrusted with the project:
Dipl. Sportwiss. Gregor Nentwig (2012), Diana Wendland M.A. (2013-2014), Dr. Michael Groll (2014)
Ninja Putzmann (April 2016 until today)

Period of research:
Oktober 2011 - today

European Commission

The key objective of this project is to deepen the academic linkage between sport and EU politics. Major targets are seminars and lectures on sport in the EU as well as an academic conference. Comprehensive teaching and research materials on sport in the EU will be provided in order to teach and publicly disseminate the role of sport in transnational relations.


  • the number of academic seminars on EU studies has substantially been increased since 2011 (see overview on lectures and seminars of chairholder and academic staff)
  • a public lecture series on sport in Europe has been established (see Jean Monnet Lectures on Sport politics) including attendance of students as well as local civil society
  • the new M.A. program on International Sport Development and Politics has ben implemented


  • in 2011 a conference on studies of Sport and EU studies has been carried out 
  • in 2014 the 9th Sport & EU annual conference has been hosted at GSU
  • since 2011 regular attendance at Sport&EU conferences


  • a proposal for a M.A. program on (European) Sport Development has been submitted
  • a network of local and Europe-wide experts from different backgrounds and academics on sport has been established