Wie viel Entrepreneur steckt in Dir? Finde es heraus im zweitägigen Online Workshop FROM PHD TO INNOVATOR (04.-05.Mai) von YES für Promovierende und Postdocs aller Disziplinen. Unter "mehr lesen" kannst du dich noch bis zum 27.04.21 anmelden.

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Application phase StarS-Kader

We are still accepting applications for the second phase of the StarS-Kader. This will take place from 01.03.21-31.03.21. Click on "read more" for more information and to get to the application.

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Projektvorstellung in KURIER 02/2020

In KURIER Ausgabe 02/2020 findest du einen Artikel zur Vorstellung des Projekts. Klicke einfach auf "mehr lesen" um direkt zum Artikel weitergeleitet zu werden.

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Artikel in KURIER 1/2021 – "Startschuss für den StarS-Kader"

In der aktuellen Ausgabe des Kuriers findest du auf Seite 4 einen Artikel mit allen wichtigen Informationen zum Startschuss in die Phasen 1 und 2 des StarS-Kaders. Klicke einfach auf "mehr lesen" um direkt zum Artikel weitergeleitet zu werden.

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Starte durch in der IMPACT FACTORY

Die Impact Factory unterstützt SozialunternehmerInnen bei der Entwicklung innovativer Lösungen komplexer sozialer und ökologischer Herausforderungen. Bis zum 16.05.21 können sich GründerInnen aus ganz Deutschland mit ihrem Start-Up bewerben.

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Start-up and business foundation

"Your start-up summit tour"

Are you interested in the topic of founding a company? Maybe you already have a concrete start-up idea? - Together with our partners from the Cologne universities, we can support you in the context of the joint project "Fit for Invest" by hgnc (more information) with a wide range of offers to become fit for your personal start-up path.

Specifically, we support students, researchers, alumni and external people with sports-related, knowledge-based start-up ideas in the development and sustainable implementation of start-up projects.

From impulses, concrete challenges, qualification and information offers for the generation and development of ideas to intensive training and coaching offers for you and your idea (e.g. in our accelerator program StarS-Kader) to the push to take off in the form of funding and debt acquisition and the mediation of relevant networks (national/international), many stations are available to you on your summit tour.

About the project "Starting-Up with Sport Sciences"

The joint project of the Cologne universities "Fit for Invest" by hgnc makes start-ups "investment-ready" and brings together know-how, innovation and capital. At the same time, the start-up landscape in the Cologne region is sustainably strengthened and a lively network is created.

With its measures in the network, DSHS pursues the goal of producing research-based, marketable start-ups for the sports market. The focus is on leveraging untapped, research-based start-up potential at DSHS and the further development of market-relevant start-up projects with external partners from the sports market. To this end, the DSHS would like to create motivating conditions (culture, incentives, clear structures/processes) that promote start-ups and establish transfer-oriented thinking and action at the DSHS. Activate researchers and students in a targeted manner and identify and generate start-up potential from sports science research, bundle the start-up potential of the DSHS with the sports market potential and transfer it into start-up projects relevant to the sports market through a professionalized start-up service in cooperation with actors from the sports sector. 

Project duration 01.02.2020 until 31.01.2024

Network partners

"Networking in the region"

Supporting start-up teams in attracting investors.

Fit for Invest Netzwerk

"Make Ideas Work - everywhere."

Strengthen founding teams for international business.

Gateway International

"The Open Innovation Platform."

Linking start-ups with industry and business.

Project Cologne

"Starting Up With Sport Sciences"

Supporting research-based start-ups in the fields of sports and exercise.


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