Exchange semester at GSU

In general, exchange students can select classes offered in all five Bachelor degrees. However, as most of these classes are taught in German, not all Bachelor's courses are suitable for English-speaking exchange students. In order to provide a better overview of the Bachelor's courses that are actually feasible for English-speaking exchange students, we have compiled these courses in the International Course Catalogue. You can download this for the current semester on the right-hand side.

The International Course Catalogue is compiled as follows: In the first part you will find courses from the International Course Offer. This course offer is provided by the German Sport University Cologne exclusively for exchange students. The second part of the International Course Catalogue consists of the courses from the regular Bachelor offer, which are taught in English and which we have found to be an excellent choice for exchange students. The last part of the catalogue consists of practical Bachelor's courses, which are taught in German, but which experience has shown to be accomplishable for English-speaking exchange students. Firstly, because the language barrier is easier to overcome during practical physical activity, secondly, because the lecturers of the courses are happy to integrate exchange students into their courses and also teach the course content in English on demand.

Please note, that only students who are already enrolled at GSU can take part in these courses.

Similar to the general curriculum, the international course catalogue changes slightly each semester. It will be scheduled shortly before the semester starts - see the former and current offer on the right side as an orientation. It could also be used as an assistance to prepare a preliminary Learning Agreement.

The final schedules for all international exchange students will be determined with the help of the International Office during the Introduction Day.


Summer semester 2024 - International Course Offer