B.A. Sport Journalism

As a reaction to the intense transformational processes in the branches of sport, media and communication, the GSU offers a nationwide unique university study programme in B.A. Sport Journalism. This is focused on the fields of journalism, media practice, sports practice and communications science studies. 

Target group

The degree course is directed at persons who exhibit a strong inclination to matters of sport and are interested in the journalistic preparation of topics in the field of sport. In addition, they should be open to all aspects of the multi-faceted world of media. 

Degree aims and content

The aim of the study course is to impart knowledge for a specialist qualification in journalism and communication in sport. Hereby, the necessary disciplines of sport science, journalism and communications science are taught in an integrated form. The guiding principle of the course of study is in accord with the job market requirements. Nowadays it is not only expected that sport journalists have a command of the journalistic tools of the trade; a deep knowledge of sport science is also absolutely necessary. Key qualifications are the ability to think analytically in a structured fashion and being able to report in an appropriate informed way. 

Job perspectives

The profile of the B.A. qualifies the successful student for all vocations in the field of journalism that require a well-grounded and intensive knowledge of the media and communications science. Potential employers are publishers (print and on-line), broadcasting companies (TV and radio), PR departments in sports companies, sports clubs and associations, agencies in PR, media and market, media research, trend analysis and last but not least, academic research establishments. The successful completion of the B.A. in sports journalism entitles graduates to apply for a master’s course of study, which in turn, can serve to deepen or supplement the targeted journalistic orientation. 


6 semester

180 Credit Points

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Commencement of studies
Winter semester 

Language of instruction

Semester fee of appr. 300 EUR

Application process

Physical aptitude test

Module handbooks & other study documents

Further information

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