Costs and Financing

Before commencing a degree at the German Sport University, all applicants must ensure and be able to prove that they have sufficient funds to cover the costs of the whole degree course. Currently international full-time students have to confirm 10.000 Euro annually on their bank account.

Proof of financial means

If you want to apply for a degree at the German Sport University you have to attest that you have sufficiant financial means to pay for your studies. You can access the form in the right column.

Semester fee

The semester fee must be paid by all students, it is part of the enrollment process. The amount contributes to the cost of the facilities provided by the Studentenwerk (student’s union) and the AStA (general students’ council). The Studentenwerk is responsible for the provision and organization of student accommodation and catering, childcare facilities and social and legal advice. The general student’s council represents the students’ interests. The NRW travel ticket (free travel on municipal transport in Cologne and the surrounding area) is also included in the semester fee.


Students who wish to continue their studies at the German Sport University Cologne must re-register at the end of each lecturing period.

The semester fee for the winter semester 2019/2020 amounts to 273,10 € (see download “payment information”).

The re-registration will only be accepted when the amount is transferred to the exact cent within the re-registration period! Students who miss the deadline (12th July 2019) will be charged a fee of 10 €, a total of 283,10€.

Students who major in a second subject at another university need to hand in a re-registration form (see downloads) as well as a verification of their re-registration (either the confirmation of payment or a certificate of study) at their secondary university of enrollment.

The re-registration can be handed in via fax ( +49 221 4982-8380), mail (studsekretariat@­ or in person at the student registration office within the re-registration period.

Students who complete their studies at the end of the current semester do not have to re-register. If the last exam is not passed for any reason, please contact the student registration office. 

Semester dates

 Winter semester 2019/2020
Begin and end of the semester01.10.2019 - 31.03.2020 
Lecture period07.10.2019 - 31.01.2020 
Freshmen reception30.09.-04.10.2019
  • 03.10.2019 (Reunification Day)
  • 01.11.2019 (All Saints)
  • 23.12.2019 - 04.01.2020 (Christmas Holidays) 

Living costs

Every three years the German student services organization analyses the economic and social situation of students. The results are published together with the cost of living which varies greatly from federal state to federal state. At present the average living costs for students at the GSU including rent amounts to approximately 800€ per month. 

Living in Cologne

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