M.Sc. Performance, Training and Coaching in Elite Sport (GERMAN)

High-performance and elite sport are becoming increasingly important in society as well as in national and international politics. Therefore a scientific approach to topics dealing with physical strain and diagnostics and control of adaptation processes is necessary. 

Target group

The degree programme targets graduates who have an affinity to high-performance sport. Prospective students should be particularly interested in (natural) science matters and in practical training methods. 

Degree aim and content

The M.Sc. Performance, Training and Coaching in Elite Sport aims to qualify its graduates to employ methods of optimising physical achievement within and outside the field of sport. In addition the students
acquire training intervention skills in their specific sport. Solid knowledge of biomechanics, performance diagnostics, medicine, orthopaedics, physiology, psychology, training science and empirical methods is gained. 

Job perspectives

Potential areas of employment include working as coaches and trainers in sport clubs, as functionaries in national and international sport federations, in research and development of sport articles, diagnostics as well as professions with commercial enterprises in sports. The completion of the M.Sc. Performance, Training and Coaching in Elite Sport entitles students to apply for a place on the Ph.D. programme. 

Please note even for this Master´s degree English language proficiency (working with publications, scientific papers, studies etc.) is required.  


Regular length of study
4 semesters

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Workload (ECTS)
120 credit points

Commencement of studies
Winter semester

Number of places
30 per year

Language of instruction

Semester fee of appr. 300 €

Application process

Module handbooks & other study documents

Further information

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