M.Sc. Sport and Movement Gerontology (GERMAN)

Due to demographic developments, health benefits of physical activity are becoming increasingly important in today’s society. Sport and movement gerontologists can play a major role in contributing to healthy ageing. 

Target group

Persons who are interested in an interdisciplinary approach to understanding ageing and the effects of physical activity on functioning in older people. 

Degree aim and content

To gain interdisciplinary knowledge and scientific training to understand how physical activity can improve physical and cognitive functioning in older people. In addition to academic training, students learn how to develop and implement innovative and effective exercise-based programs. The content of the M.Sc. program reflects insights and methods from bio-medical, social, as well as engineering sciences. 

Job perspectives

A variety of employment opportunities are open to graduates of the M.Sc. in Sport and Movement Gerontology. In addition to academic functions, job perspectives exist in those fields which focus on the conception and implementation of exercise-based programmes for older people. Potential fields of employment are academic institutions, sport organisations, public as well as business organisations, company health promotion and postgraduate education of coaches or trainers. Completion of the M.Sc. in Sport and Movement Gerontology entitles students to apply for a Ph.D. programme. 

Please note even for this Master´s degree English language proficiency (working with publications, scientific papers, studies etc.) is required. 


Regular length of study
4 semesters

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Workload (ECTS)
120 credit points

Commencement of studies
Winter semester

Number of places
30 per year

Language of instruction

Semester fee of appr. 300 €

Application process

Module handbooks & other study documents

Further information

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