Keynote Speakers

Andreas Höfer

Andreas Höfer studied sports and history at the German Sport University and at the University of Cologne and wrote his doctoral thesis on "The Olympic Truce: Claim and Reality of an Idea". Among other things, he was director of the German Olympic Academy and is director of the German Sport & Olympia Museum in Cologne since October 2013 until today.

Ansgar Molzberger

Ansgar Molzberger (born 1972) is Senior Lecturer at the German Sport University Cologne’s Institute of Sport History / Olympic Studies Centre since 2012 and Academic Head of its Carl and Liselott Diem-Archive. Before, he was the curator of the German Sport & Olympia Museum. His field of research include, amongst others, the history and development of the Olympic Movement, sport and gymnastics in Scandinavia, the history of the German Sport University Cologne as well as sport museums and sport archives.