About Dept. 3

The Department of "Intervention Research in Exercise Training" at the “Institute of Exercise Training and Sport Informatics” is directed by Prof. Dr. Lars Donath. His research group vigorously investigates acute and chronic adaptations of physical training on neuromuscular and cardio-circulatory performance.

The team aims to elucidate dose-response relationships between exercise training and systemic adaptations in different populations (children, adults, workers, seniors, patients) and settings (Sport Clubs, Kindergarten, Schools, Worksites, nursing homes). Therefore, we mainly apply randomized controlled investigations, which include precise diagnostics, planning and monitoring of the physical training process.

Putting it all together, we employ physiological (e.g., spiroergometry), neurophysiological (e.g., EMG, NIRS) and kinematic/dynamic (e.g., optometry, force measuring plates) methods in the field and under laboratory conditions. Our ultimate goal is to work as an interdisciplinary unit and promote curiosity about exercise, movement and sports from a multi-perspective view.

The following projects are currently underway:

  1. Integrative agility training and fall prevention in seniors
  2. Intermittent endurance training in clinical populations
  3. Intergenerative health and physical activity promotion
  4. Tele-Training (Movincall ©) to promote physical activity in the general population
  5. Monitoring and Testing of performance as well as injury prevention in elite climbing
  6. Specific strength- and power testing in athletes
  7. Electromyostimulation (EMS) in athletes & seniors to improve neuromuscular performance
  8. Occupational workload profiling, test development and training for fire fighters

For more detailed information on current research activities, please visit our Research Portal.