Junior eltite sports

2016 - 2017 | BISp-Support: Coordinated Gaze Behavior: A service research project in beach volleyball fort he improvement of decision making of high-class athletes.

Goal of this service research project is to describe another cognitive performance factor vital for high-class sports via monitoring of coordinated gaze behavior. The behavior of both beach volleyball players is observed and improved/coordinated. General intervention programs for beach volleyball players and especially teams will be developed for intra-individual optimization of performance in competition situations. One the one hand specific impulses for the training with high-class athletes are aimed for, on the other hand interventions for the optimization of visual perception strategies of upcoming athletes are emphasized.

2016 - 2018 | BISp-support: development and evaluation of a instruction-based motivation program for the optimization of performances in high-class sports.

Central goal of this research project is to optimize the traditional education of top athletes as well as upcoming training concepts in the various team and racket sports. Sportsmen can only deliver optimal performances in sport (Regulatory Fit Hypothese, RFH), if there is a respective fit between themselves and their own motivational profile, motivation-directing instructions, the current tasks (situation) as well as the manner of communication with their coach (own vs. external direction).
A series of prestudies have validated an experimental paradigm, which allows to test motoric actions connected with the four influencing factors „person, instruction, situation and communication“ in sport-realistic contexts.  In the 1st experiment  (N = 20/20, 1./2. National league, novices) sportrealistic instructions connected with the RFH are analyzed. The second experiment (N = 60, national youth players) examines the type of task with the RFH. A final larger training study (N = 50, high upcoming-performance level) connects the manner of task giving with the RFH.

2016 | BISp-support: systemic process coaching: method development for and with national coaches oft he German Hockey Associsation (DHB)

Leading performances of national coaches are constantly confronted with growing complexities. The aim of this applied for project is to offer observation knowledge and deducted intervention strategies and action instruments for national coaches in their direct training and competition direction outside of the usual scientific dsicipline-specific approach and directly in their field of responsibility. Even in the preparation, coordination and conduction of their „internal“ lead they are confronted with complexity and their unpredictability. In 2015 and 2016 first systemic process coachings in the national womens‘ hockey team will be tested regarding their effect (reflection) and will be integrated step by step as observation and coaching methods for coaches and teams of the DHB. Finally these methods will be further developed for other types of sports.