Jean Monnet Chair

Since the 1990ies the Institute of European Sport Development and Leisure Studies (IESF) has established the frame for studies on sport politics and leisure activities at the German Sport University Cologne. In 2011 institute and its chair holder obtained the award of a Jean Monnet Chair for sport politics.

The Jean Monnet Chair, which is dedicated to the linkage of sport and politics, will provide in particular comprehensive teaching materials on sport in the European Union in order to explain and publicly disseminate the role of sport in transnational relations. In addition, the institute wishes to enhance the flow of information among students, academic researchers and the public. The Jean Monnet Chair aims at developing a better understanding of the European Union. One of our principal goals is to make students of the German Sport University aware of the activities and projects of the institute. We hope that students and academics will find this report helpful in determining their course of study and will be furthermore inspired to become actively involved in our projects

Jean Monnet Activity Report

The annual report introduces the reader to the teaching and research activities as well as the additional activities and services carried out by the institute and the chair holder.

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