About us

Who We Are
Our research team currently consists of 16 researchers (with backgrounds in Psychology and Sport Sciences), including teaching staff, PhD students, postdocs and project staff. Approximately a further 10 student assistants support us. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kleinert has been the head of the research team since 2006.

Our Philosophy
Sport Science is characterized by the unity of research, practice and teaching. For us, good research is practically relevant and good practice is informed by scientific research; good teaching encompasses both scientific research and its practical application.

Our Research
Our research specifically focuses on motivation, stress, emotion, coaching and supervision, particularly from the perspective of interpersonal processes in sports. Interactions and relationships between people affect their motivation, stress and mood, whilst these processes also form the basis of successful coaching- and supervision work. Thus, interpersonal theories, particularly Self-Determination Theory, Balance Theory and Field Theory, represent essential foundations from which we create models and develop diagnostics and interventions. Our research is primarily orientated towards application in the areas of health and rehabilitation sports, competitive sports and school sports.

From Theory to Practice
A key objective of the institute is to transfer the knowledge and competencies derived from our research findings to the wider audience, specifically to students, athletes, coaches and supervisors. An example of this is our supervision of competitive athletes in both individual sessions and workshops (the “MentalTalent” initiative). In particularly critical periods we further support athletes and their social environment through our “MentallyPrepared” initiative. Moreover, the German Research Centre for Competitive Sports organises symposia and online courses for coaches.

Head of the Department

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