Exchange semester at GSU

+++Important information regarding current developments in connection with SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19+++

+++The GSU has made the difficult decision to cancel all inbound exchange activities for the upcoming summer semester 2021. We are of course aware that this is very disappointing news, however, it is our duty to execute exchanges as safely and realistically as possible. This is currently not possible due to numerous restrictions and conditions. By cancelling now we wish to create predictability for prospective exchange students and avoid any unnecessary expenditure and planning.+++

As the situation has proven to be quite dynamic, we would recommend you to visit our Corona information website regularly.

Introduction Days

To give all exchange students the best possible preparation for their time in Cologne the International Office organizes the introduction days right before the start of the lecturing period.

This meeting is mandatory for all exchange students!!

You will be given detailed insight about living in Cologne and especially about the German Sport University:

  • How to select classes?
  • Which classes can be chosen?
  • How many classes do you need to obtain enough credits?
  • And far more…..

Place and time of the meeting will be communicated to all exchange students via email.


All exchange students have the possibility to apply for a room in one of our dorms. These dorms are located directly on campus and guarantee short distances to all facilities and courses during the semester abroad. The rent for the dorms varies between 200-300€ per month. Please follow the link in the right column or click here to get more information about living on campus and to access the application form for housing.

The GSU has four dorms (A-D) on campus, which students can apply for. Due to extensive dorm renovations commencing in 2021, only dorm D will be available for the summer term 2021. Due to this shortage of rooms, exchange students interested in spending the summer term 2021 at GSU are encouraged to seek and apply for alternative accommodation in Cologne and surroundings.  

Buddy system

The idea of the Buddy System is to match international exchange students coming to the German Sport University with local students from the German Sport University.

The aim is to help new exchange students to get settled in a new environment, get to know the local culture, and have an unforgettable time. German buddies support their exchange students, and actively engage with them throughout the entire semester. For more information please click here.

Health insurance in Germany

NON-EU Students
Students from Non-EU countries who want to study at a state university must be insured in Germany.
Please note that any travel insurances are NOT valid for studying at a German university!
It is therefore of utmost importance to apply for a German health insurance upon arrival.
Please contact us in case of questions under international@­ and we will provide you with further information on this topic.

Students from EU countries, who are already insured in their home country do not have to be insured in Germany. You can directly go to SHI-authorised physicians or dentists with your European health insurance card. 


Whether or not you require a visa and a residence permit to enter Germany depends on your nationality and the purpose of your visit. Please get in touch with your local German Embassy to find out which documents are necessary to study in Germany. 

More information on that topic you can find here.

Facilities and staff @ GSU

The German Sport University offers great opportunities for their students and staff to stay active on campus. Various sporting facilities, a swimming centre, an athlethics stadium etc. are available at certain times and can be used free of charge. The only fee for students is 25€ for the utilization of the gyms.

The canteen offers a very diversified meal plan. A complete meal including a drink and dessert amounts to approximately 4€.

Most of the staff at GSU are used to speaking English, communication with them therefore won´t be a problem.

International students share their experiences at GSU:

Solange from London / Canada

Karol from Heredia / Costa Rica

Masato from Tokyo / Japan

Adriana, Lauren, Gavin, Nicholas from Cortland / USA

Dylan from Melbourne / Australia

Paige and Melissa from London / Canada

David from Queensland / Australia

Meimei from Gainesville / USA

International Office

Margit Franzen &
Katharina Hänsch

Write an email
Phone: +49 211 4982 2160 / -2161

Office hours:
Monday to Thursday: 9-11am

+++Until further notice, all appointments and personal meetings can only take place following prior arrangement by telephone or e-mail.+++

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