Sports during Pregnancy

The Sports during Pregnancy initiative is organized and administered by the German Sport University Cologne, comprising a workgroup of psychologists, physicians, midwives, gynaecologists, physiotherapists and sport scientists.

Our website functions as a knowledge database and source of information on the topic of sports during pregnancy for pregnant women, mothers and interested parties. The Institute of Psychology of the German Sport University Cologne offers free and individual access to online coaching that supports pregnant women with insecurities about physical activity and sports during pregnancy. These coaching sessions are designed to motivate pregnant women to lead an active lifestyle during and after pregnancy. Furthermore, in these online coaching sessions, mothers and pregnant women are able to ask questions and access workout recommendations, help with motivation and current research information. Additionally, you (private person or company) can order leaflets on the top-10-questions concerning sports during pregnancy. The Sports during Pregnancy workgroup can also be found at exhibition stands at relevant events.

Cooperation partners: German Midwives Association (Deutscher Hebammen Verband e.V.), Sports Physicians’ Association North Rhine (Sportärztebund Nordrhein e.V.), Federal Sports Association North Rhine-Westphalia (Landessportbund NRW), German Association for Physiotherapy (Deutscher Verband für Physiotheraie)

Student Assistant

  • Laura Weyrowitz    

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