Coaching and Counselling in Sports, Economy and Arts

For individuals and groups in sports, economics and arts (e.g. athletes, musicians, managers, sports/work teams, orchestras) MoveMent offers scientifically based systematic coaching based on current research to optimize behavior in high performance and health settings. To achieve these aims, MoveMent uses a number of approaches, techniques and methods from the areas of Sport Psychology, Systematic Coaching and Change Management.

MoveMent offers athletes, artists and employees the possibility to optimize their performance. In addition to conducting individual coaching, our initiative provides the opportunity to participate in advanced training and workshops in a variety of settings (e.g. companies, associations). Participants in these workshops will acquire individual competencies that enable them to make use of their resources and to tap their full potential. To achieve this, the activities and the content of the individual coaching and workshops are process-driven and solution-oriented. The work of MoveMent thereby focuses on psycho-regulative, motivational, communicative, interactional, attention- and team-oriented topics.

Fees for individual coaching and workshops follow the current scale of charges for sport psychology services.



Dr. Christian Zepp
0221 – 4982 5520