SportsInterconnected –

Our initiative is the product of a successfully implemented network of university research, teaching and various Cologne-based environments. Within this initiative, groups of German Sport University students provide specialized health oriented sports measures in various settings and Cologne-based environments. These measures are offered with the aim of initializing and scientifically examining health programs. The conception, execution and evaluation of all measures are supervised by the German Sport University’s Institute of Psychology. After evaluating the students’ measures, all results will be presented and discussed at a scientific symposium.

The origin of the initiative is a teaching module at the German Sport University Cologne, specifically the Sports and Health in Prevention and Therapy study program. The curriculum for the program encompasses health oriented sport measures, conceived by the students, allowing the transfer of their scientific knowledge into practice. Since 2008, more than 1,000 citizens were able to profit from the students’ work. In 2009, due to’s innovative and practically oriented implementation, the course received a teaching award sponsored by the Business Health Insurances Cologne (Betriebskrankenkassen Köln, GBK) and the German Sport University.

Project Management

  • Dr. Martin Boss
  • Dr. Christian Zepp