Since 2007, the initiative has offered various sport psychology coaching and consultation services for competitive athletes, coaches and supervisors in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). is dedicated to establishing a statewide system of sport psychology coaching and to continued involvement with athletes and coaches from NRW’s Olympic Sport Associations, sports academies and high-performance sport clubs. The implementation runs in close coordination with the Olympic centres of Rhineland, Westphalia and Rhine-Ruhr. is funded by the Sports Foundation NRW.

Offers for young competitive athletes
Talented young competitive athletes at state level (i.e. belonging to the German D- and D/C-level squads) can gain basic sport psychology competencies in our peer-group oriented workshops that cover a wide range of topics (currently 15 topics).
Additionally, offers individual coaching for promising young athletes. In these sessions athletes can work on personal matters and problems in order to manage, overcome and solve them. These measures aim at identifying resources and developing potential in young competitive athletes to better prepare them for the challenge of coping with various conflicting priorities, for example between school and competition or practice and competition.

Offers for coaches
State and association coaches can apply for supervision sessions with Within these expert-led group sessions, coaches are introduced to different problem-solving techniques and encouraged to share their experiences, knowledge and competencies. Moreover, reflecting the increasing level of responsibility held by coaches, also offers individual coaching sessions for coaches. In these sessions, coaches are able to discuss their concerns with an expert in order to optimize their professional life.

Offers for Sports Academies (Sportinternate) offers sport psychology case review sessions for employees of NRW’s sports academies, who often have varied backgrounds in basic disciplines. The individual consideration and consultation of each case equips each employee with the ability to better address the challenges and difficulties of their young athletes. The aim of this approach is to optimize the quality of support for young athletes and to reduce the prevalence of mental stress in sport academy employees.

Further information on the topics of diagnostics, screenings, quality management, team and registration can be found on our website:

Student Assistant

  • Rabea Brüggemann