Mentally Prepared – Mental Health in Competitive Sports

MentallyPrepared represents a network initiative of the Institute of Psychology in cooperation with the Robert-Enke-Foundation, the German Association for Administrative Occupations (VBG Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft) and the German Association of Professional Soccerplayers (VDV Vereinigung der Vertragsfußballspieler). MentallyPrepared is dedicated to preserving and fostering mental health in competitive sports. To this end, the initiative aims to identify antecedents of mental problems, such as excessive stress, depression, or burnout, to prevent these problems from developing and, where necessary, to provide contacts for appropriate treatment.

Since 2013, MentallyPrepared has particularly focused on the promotion maintenance of young competitive athletes’ psychological health, offering workshops and individual coaching and support for various target groups.

Recent studies on competitive sports highlight that competitive athletes and coaches are not immune to mental problems such as stress, anxiety, depression or eating disorders, with prevalence rates resembling those of the general population. Moreover, it appears that both athletes and coaches rarely seek sport-specific psychological, therapeutic or psychiatric help.

The MentallyPrepared initiative considers the specific conditions within competitive sports and offers athletes and coaches, as well as parents or other persons of significance within the context of competitive sports, assistance and support in terms of preservation and restoration of mental health, personality development and performance optimization.


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the initiative started in autumn 2011

Student Assistant

  • Magnus Piontkowski