Chlorphenesin-haltige Sonnencreme und Doping

Positive Dopingbefunde durch Chlorphenesin-haltige Sonnencreme

Artikel DSHS-Köln


Rubio A, Görgens C, Krug O, et al.Chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of the urinarymetabolite profile of chlorphenesin observed after dermalapplication of chlorphenesin-containing sunscreen.RapidCommun Mass Spectrom. 2021;35(21):e9183. doi:10.1002/rcm.9183
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Chlorphenesin is an approved biocide frequently used in cosmetics, and its carbamate ester is an approved skeletal muscle relaxant in certain countries for the treatment of discomfort related to skeletal muscle trauma and inflammation. Amajor urinary metabolite is 4-chlorophenoxy acetic acid (4-CPA), also known as para-chlorophenoxyacetate, which is also employed as a target analyte in sports drug testing to detect the use of the prohibited nootropic stimulant meclofenoxate. To distinguish between 4-CPA resulting from chlorphenesin, chlorphenesin carbamate,  and meclofenoxate, urinary metabolite profiles of chlorphenesin after legitimate use were investigated.