Innovative Research Methods in Sports Science (2022)

Get Your Methodology Update In Sports Science!

26 Sep – 2 Oct 2022

Get a well-founded update about innovative methodological developments in sport and exercise studies at Europe’s largest sport university. This international research summer school is aimed at aspiring young researchers in sports science – with disciplines ranging from the life sciences to social sciences and humanities.

From training studies to sports medicine, from psychology to sport management, from sport history to cultures of movement: experience for yourselves, up close and personal, the diverse and multi-disciplinary approach to sports science typical for German Sport University Cologne. Here, researchers with a broad variety of academic backgrounds do research and teaching on all matters sport. Profit from this profound expertise in a summer school which aims to bring you up-to-date with innovative methodology in sport studies.

Experts from the wide spectrum of sports science disciplines taught at GSU Cologne will give you insights into the latest discussions and practices on the field of research methods in sports science. Find out more about how sports science is driving methodological innovation and how this is influencing other disciplines. In addition, get hands-on experiences in how to apply these sport specific methods in practical workshops.

The summer school is targeted at Master students, PhD candidates and early career postdoctoral researchers. 

Welcome to Cologne and to Germany‘s only university dedicated solely to sports science!



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