M.Sc. Human Technology in Sports and Medicine

With the increase of size and significance of the sports market there is a very varied employment area. 30 per cent of the sports-related gross domestic product is made up of sports clothing and sports shoes.

With an increasing of the costs of sports equipment, shoes and clothing,  it is becoming more and more necessary to improve and specify the technology and required skills in both the sports article industry and in sports article research and advice sectors. The majority of sports article producers has already greatly expanded the staff and technology of its development and research institutions.

These developments may have a positive influence on the employment market situation which could then, in turn, open up interesting opportunities for graduates of the M.Sc. in  Human Technology in Sports and Medicine.

Potential employers are:

  • elite and high-performance sports federations: performance diagnostics with a major in  biomechanics or  performance physiology
  • industrial research and development: development of sports equipment, flooring, materials, clothing and prostheses; development of measurement devices for the analysis and diagnostics of physical performance
  • commercial sports providers: performance diagnostics with a focus on biomechanics or performance physiology 
  • public research institutions: diagnostics of physical performance under specific environmental conditions, e.g.  altitude, scuba diving
  • universities and colleges of applied science: research and teaching in the field of sports technology

The M.Sc. prepares students for a career in science and/or academia and also enables them to find empirically sound solutions for industry and economy 

Project "Careers" (German)

Project "Careers" (German)

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