M.Sc. Human Technology in Sports and Medicine

The M.Sc. in Human Technology in Sports and Medicine is held in English. It is a module-based degree and takes 4 semesters. Each module is a closed unit with defined aims, content, and teaching and learning forms. To complete the module successfully, the candidate has to pass the module exam.   

Performance points (credit points) are given which reflect the real amount of work done by the student. To pass the program students must gain 120 credit points.

Initially the teaching is done by means of seminars and knowledge is deepened with the help of practice-oriented tasks.  Later on students are taught how to work independently through workshops, colloquiums und internships and they receive an impression of various practical areas. Courses are taught in close cooperation with the technical and scientific faculties of universities from the Cologne area.

Students have the opportunity to spend part of their study abroad.

The M.Sc. in Human Technology in Sports and Medicine consists of 13 modules including an internship in industry and a Masters thesis.

Specific information about all courses that have to be completed can be found in the study plans. Details on the extent, content and requirements of the individual modules and courses can be found in the module handbooks. Additionally, the learning outcomes will be outlined. The study plans and the module handbooks are available in the right column.

Sample Timetable / Course Catalog

The sample timetable for M.Sc. TSM represents exemplarily the schedule of the first semester. 

sample timetable M.Sc. TSM


By means of a brief instruction, it is possible to use the online course catalog in order to set up a timetable of the current semester. 

brief instruction

Questions regarding specific study content