M.Sc. Human Technology in Sports and Medicine

The M.Sc. in Human Technology in Sports and Medicine is very practically orientated. Graduates are trained to be experts in the field of health maintenance and performance enhancement of athletes by using appropriate technologies. They learn skills related to specific fields of work in science and technology.

The synthesis, assessment and employment of the expert knowledge gained during the degree program is of primary importance. The focal point of the degree is on qualifying students to plan, develop, construct and evaluate technologies in sports for the purpose of reducing physical load, improving performance and for performance diagnostics.

The aim of the M.Sc. in Human Technology is to qualify its graduates for jobs in academia as well as in industry. It is of particular interest to students whose undergraduate degree was related to sports science or engineering. Students interested in doing this degree program should enjoy developing new ideas which can help to improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.  

Qualification targets…

…depicted in the module handbook