M.Sc. Sport Management

The M.Sc. Sport Management combines economic evaluation, analytics, conceptualization, and a strong international perspective. The program focuses on scientific problem-solving to train students as experts for top-level management positions in the knowledge intensive sport industry and offers a strong research orientation. In core areas of sports business qualified graduates may pursue a doctoral degree.

The study program’s objectives are

  1. to establish a sound expertise based on current research problems.
  2. to develop methodological analytical competencies leading to a self-dependent amelioration of scientific knowledge focusing on research methods and strategies.
  3. to attain key competencies for professional business with a central focus on international cooperation.

The target group consists of those persons with a related undergraduate degree in business administration, economics, sports business or sport management. Additionally, work experience in sports business would be beneficial. Applicants want to gain new theoretical, methodological, and practical skills to understand and deal with the changing industry in sports business.

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