M.Sc. Sport Management

The full-time study program M.Sc. Sport Management comprises four semesters (two years). Classes are likely to be organized on two to three days per week as well as in compact classes from the first to third semester. All in all, the program consists of 12 modules, including the master’s thesis. Depending on the workload of each module credit points will be allocated, totaling in 120 credit points.

Teaching is carried out by the Institute of Sport Economics and Sport Management, other institutes at the German Sport University Cologne and external teaching staff from Europe and overseas strengthening the international perspective of the degree program. The following researchers and practitioners have for example given a guest lecture or have lectured a complete seminar:


  • Simon Chadwick (Coventry University, UK),
  • Dennis Coates (University of Maryland, USA),
  • Bettina Cornwell (University of Oregon, USA),
  • Trudo Dejonghe (Lessius University College, Belgium),
  • Helmut Dietl (University of Zurich, Switzerland),
  • Liu Dongfeng (Shanghai University of Sport, China),
  • Paul Downward (Loughborough University, UK),
  • David Forrest (University of Salford, UK),
  • William C. Gartner (University of Minnesota, USA),
  • Christopher Gratton (Sheffield Hallam University, UK),
  • Ian Henry (Loughborough University, UK),
  • Brad Humphreys (West Virginia University, USA),
  • Masashi Kawanishi (National Institute of Fitness and Sport, Kanoya, Japan),
  • Neil Longley (University of Massachusetts, USA),
  • Thomas Peeters (University of Antwerp, Belgium), 
  • André Richelieu (Université Laval, Québec, Canada),
  • Jane Ruseski (West Virginia University, USA),
  • Jeroen Scheerder (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium),
  • John Siegfried (Vanderbilt University, USA),
  • Rob Simmons (Lancaster University, UK),
  • Brian Soebbing (University of Alberta, Canada),
  • Marijke Taks (University of Windsor, Canada).


  • Philipp Herpel (HFP),
  • Kaj Heyral (UEFA),
  • Michael Ilgner (German Sport Aid Foundation),
  • Thomas Junod (UEFA),
  • Jacob Kornbeck (European Commission),
  • Willi Lemke (United Nations for Sports),
  • Philipp Müller-Wirth (UNESCO),
  • Christian Seifert (Deutsche Fußball Liga),
  • Henning Stiegenroth (Deutsche Telekom),
  • Jörg Wacker (FC Bayern Munich).

Sample Timetable / Course Catalog

The sample timetable for M.Sc. SMA represents exemplarily the schedule of the first semester. 

sample timetable M.Sc. SMA


By means of a brief instruction, it is possible to use the online course catalog in order to set up a timetable of the current semester. 

brief instruction