Qualifizierung & Beratung für Lehrende

English Coaching Sessions

The coaching sessions are designed for non-native speakers of English who are lecturing or teaching at the German Sport University. They take place on a voluntary and confidential basis.

The sessions aim to:

  • raise participants’ confidence when speaking English in an academic setting
  • improve pronunciation, intonation and intelligibility
  • provide the opportunity to practice classroom phrases and academic language
  • give constructive feedback
  • improve the overall quality of participants’seminars/lectures in English.


The coaching is adapted to the participants’ needs and wishes. The emphasis is on individual analysis and feedback, language practice through role plays, using natural speech patterns.

It can be used as preparation for the upcoming semester or as an accompaniment to classes taught during the semester. 

Topics include practice of useful “classroom vocabulary”, lecturing/teaching in an appropriate style, developing an authentic teaching voice in English, dealing with questions and explanations,  preparation of mini-lectures,  (if desired) on-the-job analysis of seminars/lectures with a feedback session, discussion of language and communication strategies.


General:  What English is appropriate for lectures/seminars? Spoken vs. written academic English


  • Introduction / Openings / How to start the class
  • Using useful transitional words and phrases in English
  • Improving pronunciation / intelligibility and fluency
  • Explaining  /using graphs and visual aids
  • Developing intercultural awareness/ Etiquette / Politeness
  • Summarizing / Closing a session
  • Dealing with questions
  • Leading a worthwhile and constructive discussion in English
  • Giving feedback / Dealing with criticism
  • Arranging appointments / meetings / office hours