M.Sc. Psychology in Sport and Exercise

Master programmes at the German Sport University are modular and must be completed within four semesters. Each module is a self-contained unit with its own curriculum, objectives, teaching methods and examination (e.g. written exam, oral exam, demonstration lesson).

Credit Points are awarded that reflect the workload of the students (one Credit Point per 30 hours of work). In total, 120 Credit Points are accrued through a combination of modules. Modules will primarily consist of seminars, lectures and tutorials. Study projects and application-oriented learning in the professional field are essential elements of the study programme. The programme teaching language is English. The M.Sc. PSE is a full-time study programme with some of the courses having mandatory attendance. In addition to the semester periods per week (SWS), a high proportion of self-study is expected.

Students must attend 11 modules. The first module is a review course to ensure students have an equal knowledge base in sport science and psychology. The subsequent modules focus on general research skills (PSE2, PSE3) and the theoretical and applied foundations of varying topics (PSE4 – PSE9, see Table). The final two modules (PSE10, PSE11) involve individual research into topics of personal interest.

Sample Timetable / Course Catalog

The sample timetable for M.Sc. PSE represents exemplarily the schedule of the first semester. 

sample timetable M.Sc. PSE


By means of a brief instruction, it is possible to use the online course catalog in order to set up a timetable of the current semester. 

brief instruction

Questions regarding specific study contents

Dr. Alexandra Pizzera